26 December 2004

dear _________,

thankyou very much for the oranges you gave me for christmas. thankyou also for the silver dew-drop lollipop, the miniature polar bear saddle, the pin-sharp icicle and the sugar-spun bicycle, the striped tiger-dryer and coil of golden wire. thankyou very much for the feathery angels wings and the wooden stick-man who sings. thankyou so much for the sparkling starfish and the tear-drop dish, the scarf that stretches to the moon and the opal bird that chimes the most wonderful tune. everybody else just got me socks.

love from,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Então nos dias de hoje, se eu quiser comprar umas meias, terei de mandar este formulário ao Pai Natal... bem pensado!

"Father Christmas give us some money / don't mess around with those silly toys / we'll beat you up if you won't hand it over / we don't a jigsaw or monopoly money / we just want the real McCoy.."
- Ray Davies

Pedro :)