12 March 2005

inter rail # 22 / 11.março.2005

01. maximilian hecker "birch" (lady sleep, 2005)
02. sigur rós "ba ba" (ba ba ti ki di do, 2004)
03. yann tiersen & shannon wright "something to live for" (yann tiersen & shannon wright, 2004)
04. pj harvey "slow drug" (uh huh her, 2004)
05. doves "ambition" (some cities, 2005)
06. damien rice "the blower's daughter" (o, 2002)

intercâmbio: rogue wave
07. "man-revolutionary!" (out of the shadow, 2004)
08. "falcon settles me" (out of the shadow, 2004)
09. "be kind & remind" (out of the shadow, 2004)

10. kristofer åström "i collect knives" (loupita, 2004)
11. kings of convenience "gold in the air of summer" (riot on an empty street, 2004)
12. polly paulusma "perfect 4/4" (scissors in my pocket, 2004)
13. natalie gardiner "now i got worry" (natalie gardiner, 2004)
14. emiliana torrini "lifesaver" (fisherman's woman, 2005)

"i didn't wanna see, didn't wanna hear no
i didnt' wanna know, didn't wanna feel no
didn't wanna love, didn't wanna love you no more
i didn't wanna try, didn't wanna hold no
i didn't wanna lose, didn't wanna hurt no
i didn't wanna love
no i didn't wanna love you no more
and now i got worry baby
now i got worry baby"

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