28 April 2005


"the years shall run like rabbits..."

"all the clocks in the city
began to whirr and chime
o let not time deceive you
you cannot conquer time
in headaches and in worry
vaguely life leaks away
and time will have his fancy
tomorrow or today"

w.h. auden

[citado por ethan hawke in before sunrise]

[imagem por salvador dali]

esta semana, o inter rail repõe a viagem anterior...


Pedro said...

« And i'm not getting any younger
There is still another way
And where i'm going days are longer
I'm gonna make it there one day
I am not the same as you are
So wish me luck upon my way
This time is just the same ... »

- Time is just the same by Isobel Campbell

FDV said...

...all the long red lines...

spiv said...

Os trintas. Os vintes. O peso. O sal. Ter a ver. Departamento cardíaco. O miolo e o relento. Há muito para fazer. Novos começos. E mais não se poderá dizer sem revelar alguns dos segredos.