28 May 2005

inter rail # 32 / 27.maio.2005

01. elbow "any day now" (asleep in the back, 2001)
02. mogwai "hunted by a freak" (government commissions: bbc sessions 1996-2003, 2005)
03. logh "the big sleep" (a sunset panorama, 2005)
04. perry blake "the crying room" (the crying room, 2005)
05. gorky's zygotic mynci "hallway" (spanish dance troupe, 1999)
06. jens lekman "when i said i wanted to be your dog" (when i said i wanted to be your dog, 2004)

intercâmbio: aimee mann

"so baby kiss me like a drug like a respirator
and let me fall into the dream of the astronaut"

07. "it's not" (lost in space, 2002)
08. "little bombs" (the forgotten arm, 2005)

09. mugison "hold on 2 happiness" (mugimama is this monkey music?, 2005)
10. emiliana torrini "serenade" (fisherman's woman, 2005)
11. nitin sawhney "walk away (with nina miranda)" (prophesy, 2001)
12. natalie gardiner "now i got worry" (natalie gardiner, 2004)
13. alice russell "tired little one (acoustic version)" (under the munka moon, 2004)


Pedro said...

Revisitaste um dos albuns mais " underrated " da musica britânica, o Spannish Dance Troupe, que embrulhado numa deliciosa capa/caixa é das melhores coisas que os Gorky's fizeram !!! Por isso, obrigado :)

spiv said...

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