06 November 2005

inter rail # 53 / 3.novembro.2005

01. kimmo pohjonen "saatto" (kielo, 1999)
02. camille "vertige" (le fil, 2005)
03. matt elliott "trying to explain" (drinking songs, 2005)
04. mogwai "r u still into it" (government commissions, 2005)
05. antony and the johnsons "hope there's someone" (i am a bird now, 2005)
06. ed harcourt "the trapdoor" (strangers, 2004)

intercâmbio : a.c. newman
07. "drink to me babe, then"
(the slow wonder, 2004)
08. "come crash" (the slow wonder, 2004)

09. franz ferdinand "eleanor put your boots on" (you could have it so much better, 2005)
10. old jerusalem "for what it's worth" (uma outra história, 2005)
11. perry blake "the crying room" (the crying room, 2005)
12. departure lounge "alone again, and..." (too late to die young, 2002)
13. nine horses "atom and cell" (snow borne sorrow, 2005)


Pedro said...

Eleanor put your boots back on
Kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt
You know you are so elegant when you run
Oh if you run ...


spiv said...

Realinhar para além.
Prolonga-se o mesmo gesto, o movimento dos olhos.
Zygadio e « Cma ».
A ajuda indelével.
Concentração viciada, a rebater, escadear.
Juntar diferentes coisas, sons mais porreiros.
O elemento estranho. Oh, não, não. Ímpeto imprevisível, lábia, toada auto-referencial, constância de matrizes, aos bocados.