08 January 2006

2005 : discos

[foto por francisca moreira]

ainda a tempo de enviar uma lista de discos para 2005, odisseia no espaço sonoro.

não incluindo os discos que não me chegaram ou não ouvi com alguma atenção, e porque já é difícil escolher os álbuns, quanto mais hierarquizá-los,
aqui vai (ou aqui fica), sem ordem que não a aleatória, discos que fizeram valer 2005:

the books : lost and safe
animal collective : feels
beck : guero
autolux : future perfect
khonnor : handwriting
télépopmusik : angel milk
murcof : remembranza
patrick wolf : wind in the wires
13 & god : 13 & god
laura veirs : year of meteors
gorillaz : demon days
micah p hinson : micah p hinson and the gospel of progress
the kills : no wow
black rebel motorcycle club : howl
scout niblett : kidnapped by neptune
the raveonettes : pretty in black
supergrass : road to rouen
bernardo sassetti : alice bso
lcd soundsystem : lcd soundsystem
xiu xiu : la forêt
camille : le fil
boards of canada : the campfire headphase
antony and the johnsons : i am a bird now
colleen : the golden morning breaks

the american analog set : set free
death cab for cutie : plans
eels : blinking lights and other revelations
efterklang : tripper

iron and wine : woman king ep
jennifer gentle : valende
logh : a sunset panorama
low : the great destroyer
bloc party : silent alarm
bloc party : silent alarm remixed
m83 : before the dawn heals us
caribou : the milk of human kindness
mugison : mugimama is this monkey music?
nine horses : snow borne sorrow
sigur rós : takk
arcade fire : funeral
franz ferdinand : you could have it so much better
cocorosie : noah's ark
akron/family : akron/family
pajo : pajo
l'altra : different days
hanne hukkelberg : little things
matt elliott : drinking songs
mia doi todd : manzanita
husky rescue : country falls
andrew bird : andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs
the constantines : tournament of hearts
david sylvian : the good son vs the only daughter
jackson and his computer band : smash
john vanderslice : pixel revolt
lou barlow : emoh
lali puna : i thought i was over that
minotaur shock : maritime
prefuse 73 : prefuse 73 reads the books ep
agf/delay : explode
electrelane : axes
emiliana torrini : fisherman's woman

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