12 May 2006

inter rail # 78 / 11.maio.2006

01. efterklang "collecting shields" (tripper, 2004)
02. placebo "in the cold light of morning" (meds, 2006)
03. max richter "arboretum" (the blue notebooks, 2004)
04. the knife "from off to on" (silent shout, 2006)
05. mi and l'au "boxer" (mi and l'au, 2005)

intercâmbio : sophie auster

06. "le
pont mirabeau" (sophie auster, 2005)
07. "the lover"
(sophie auster, 2005)
08. "sailor girl"
(sophie auster, 2005)

09. beth orton "pieces of sky" (comfort of strangers, 2006)
10. franz ferdinand "fade together" (you could have it so much better, 2005)
11. badly drawn boy "life turned upside down" (one plus one is one, 2004)
12. broadcast "tears in the typing pool" (tender buttons, 2005)
13. patrick wolf "ghost song" (wind in the wires, 2005)
14. maxence cyrin "smokebelch II" (modern rhapsodies, 2005)
15. maxence cyrin "windowlicker"
(modern rhapsodies, 2005)
16. radiohead "exit music (for a film)" (ok computer, 1997)

wake... from your sleep
the drying of your tears...
today, we escape...
we escape...

1 comment:

spiv said...

Virado a poente - encoberto, a amolecer, susceptível.
O que é hoje, de uma ponta à outra.
Derrocada gradual, deformações, deveras desalentador - não há panaceia.
As bases estão contaminadas.