18 July 2007

inter rail # 116 | 28.junho.2007

01. saycet: don't cry little girl [one day at home, 2006]
02. the books: an owl with knees [lost and safe, 2005]
03. agf & delay: do protest [explode, 2005]
04. the knife: still light [silent shout, 2006]
05. efterklang: towards the bare hill [under giant trees, 2007]

intercâmbio: asa irons & swaan miller

06. abacus [asa irons & swaan miller, 2007]
07. to ellis pass
[asa irons & swaan miller, 2007]
08. only the chosen
[asa irons & swaan miller, 2007]

09. antony and the johnsons: man is the baby [i am a bird now, 2005]
10. psapp: upstairs [the only thing i ever wanted, 2006]
11. mugison: salt [mugimama is this monkey music, 2005]
12. the go find: downtown [stars on the wall, 2007]
13. turin brakes: starship [the optimist lp, 2001]
14. josé gonzález: deadweight on velveteen [veneer, 2003]
15. kronos quartet & mogwai: together we will live forever [the fountain: music from the motion picture, 2006]

costuma dizer-se que há sempre alguém que exprime o que queremos dizer melhor do que nós alguma vez o faríamos. ou coisa parecida. algumas palavras sobre o disco de asa irons e swaan miller (o primeiro é o senhor, a segunda a senhora, caso estejam a perguntar-se). basta ouvir dois ou três temas para pensar... "caramba, é isto mesmo!"

(...) I always find it odd when a record steps out so unexpectedly and appeals to my heart so unashamedly, I feel embarrassed that I don't know it already, that I haven't had time to embrace it and listen again, again and again, but there's also an excitement, and that's really the best thing about new music. These small bespoke releases (which Important seem to be so adept at rounding up) are what folk music should be about, there's no gloss, no pretension, attitude or ego, just good quality music which almost revels in subtlety and shyness. When Asa and Swaan's voices cross you just want to embrace them and thank them for treating you to music so restrained and beautiful, but in place of that you can save your embraces for others. Buy this album for a loved one, or buy it for yourself and show someone else that you really care - it's worth it. Absolute loveliness on a compact disc."

[crítica no site da boomkat]

1 comment:

spiv said...

Coexistir, brega, tô aguentando, persistência de anos, vista grossa, irradiação.
Suspenso sem nunca. O tronco parte-se, migalha de tudo.
Acordo e cheiro - azarete. Visão da vida, validação.
Mão séria & olhar. Esparguete, raparigas.
Quando se guarda; pensar para lá de cada; mais cambiantes.