21 October 2008

just for the record: 2007

não faz grande sentido. pôr para aqui uma lista de discos importantes para mim em 2007, quando não tarda estamos a tentar reunir o que mais nos marcou em 2008. mas tinha já feito uma lista de discos e músicas que, por razão ou acaso, acabaram por marcar os dias do ano passado e que ainda não tinha partilhado. aqui fica, para dar o mote de partida.

os essenciais
andrew bird: armchair apocrypha
arcade fire: neon bible
asa irons & swaan miller: asa irons & swaan miller*
battles: mirrored
beirut: the flying club cup + long island ep
bon iver: for emma, forever ago**
colleen: les ondes silencieuses
david thomas broughton: it’s in there somewhere
deerhunter: cryptograms + fluorescent grey ep
electrelane: no shouts, no calls
elliott smith: new moon
grizzly bear: friend ep
iron and wine: the shepherd’s dog
jana hunter: there’s no home
jennifer gentle: the midnight room
joanna newsom: joanna newsom & the ys street orchestra ep
josé gonzález: in our nature
liars: liars
low: drums and guns
matthew dear: asa breed
nina nastasia and jim white: you follow me
nine horses: money for all ep
pj harvey: white chalk
radiohead: in rainbows
scout niblett: this fool can die now
spoon: ga ga ga ga ga
thee more shallows: book of bad breaks
young marble giants:colossal youth*

outros grandes e outros tamanhos
air: pocket symphony animal collective: strawberry jam apparat: walls au revoir simone: the bird of music björk: volta black rebel motorcycle club: baby 81 blonde redhead: 23 BOAT: let's drag our feet! the boggs: forts bowerbirds: hymns for a dark horse the cave singers: invitation songs chris garneau: music for tourists + c-sides ep the cinematic orchestra: ma fleur cocorosie: the adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn dan deacon: spiderman of the rings david karsten daniels: sharp teeth deerhoof: friend opportunity devendra banhart: smokey rolls down thunder canyon the earlies: the enemy chorus efterklang: under giant trees elvis perkins: ash wednesday essie jain: we made this ourselves feist: the reminder goldmund: two point discrimination the go find: stars on the wall the good, the bad & the queen: the good, the bad & the queen gowns: red state husky rescue: ghost is not real kim hiorthøy: my last day laub: deinetwegen laura veirs: saltbreakers library tapes: höstluft loney, dear: loney, noir* luke temple: snowbeast maps:we can create marissa nadler: songs III: bird on the water menomena: friend and foe miracle fortress: five roses mirah and spectratone international: share this place modest mouse: we were dead before the ship even sank múm: go go smear the poison ivy the octopus project: hello avalanche page france: ...and the family telephone panda bear: person pitch phosphorescent: pride pikelet: pikelet pinback: autumn of the seraphs port o'brien: the wind and the swell the raveonettes: lust lust lust richard swift: dressed up for the let down rio en medio: the bride of dynamite rob crow: living well rogue wave: asleep at heaven's gate shannon wright: let in the light the shins: wincing the night away sigur rós: hvart/heim eps slaraffenland: private cinema songs of green pheasant: gyllyng street sunset rubdown: random spirit lover susanna: sonata mix dwarf cosmos six twilights: six twilights tegan and sara: the con tunng: good arrows wildbirds & peacedrums: heartcore winter family: winter family woods: at rear house xela: for frosty mornings and summer nights* yeah yeah yeahs: is is ep yeasayer: all hour cymbals

* = reedição / ** = edição de autor

as melhores descobertas

alela diane: the pirate's gospel (2006)
the books: the lemon of pink (2003)
diane cluck: countless times (2005)
fionn regan: the end of history (2006)
final fantasy: has a good home (2005)
iamx: the alternative (2006); kiss+swallow (2004)
kronos quartet and mogwai: the fountain (music from the motion picture) (2006)
my latest novel: wolves (2006)
nadine khouri: cuts from the inside (2005)
patrick watson: close to paradise (2006)
spoon: kill the moonlight (2002)
thee more shallows: more deep cuts (2004)

2007 playlist
uma lista de alguns dos temas que mais ouvi em 2007, por uma razão ou outra. a maior parte pertence aos meus discos favoritos do ano. para ver (e ouvir alguns temas) aqui.

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