23 November 2008

inter rail: 21.novembro.2008

essie jain: loaded [we made this ourselves, 2007]
bat for lashes: tahiti [fur and gold, 2007]
young rapture choir: jed the humanoid [june 6, 2008 - cognac theater]
moriarty: fireday [gee whiz but this is a lonesome town, 2007]

intercâmbio : breathe owl breathe

you're so dear to me [climb in, 2005]
quiet place [climb in, 2005]
your cape [ghost glacier ep, 2008]

errors: lot of the things you don't isn't [it's not something but it is like whatever, 2008]
mogwai: kings meadow [the hawk is howling, 2008]
maria joão & mário laginha: pés no chão [tralha, 2004]


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