09 December 2008

inter rail : 5.dezembro.2008

jonny greenwood: open spaces [there will be blood, 2007]
jóhann jóhannsson: the rocket builder (io pan!) [fordlandia, 2008]
jon redfern: harmonies [acoustic, 2007]
kings of convenience: stay out of trouble [riot on an empty street, 2004]

intercâmbio: the dodos

walking [visiter, 2008]
undeclared [visiter, 2008]
park song [visiter, 2008]

mugison: the pathetic anthem [mugiboogie, 2008]
ólöf arnalds: moldin [við og við, 2007]
silje nes: shapes, electric [ames room, 2007]
james blackshaw: past has not passed [litany of echoes, 2008]


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