11 January 2009

inter rail : 9.janeiro.2009

antony and the johnsons: another world [the crying light, 2009]
young rapture choir: black butterfly [cognac theater - june 6, 2008]
hauschka: eltern [ferndorf, 2008]
music a.m.: blackflash [a heart & two stars, 2004]
fennesz: grey scale [black sea, 2008]

intercâmbio: fleet foxes

tiger mountain peasant song [fleet foxes, 2008]
oliver james [fleet foxes, 2008]

cian nugent: abyssal pain [childhood, christian lies & slaughter, 2008]
radiohead: videotape [in rainbows, 2007]
radiohead: go slowly [in rainbows (discbox edition), 2007]
lisa hannigan: pistachio [sea sew, 2008]
el perro del mar: happiness won me over [from the valley to the stars, 2008]


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