07 March 2009

inter rail : 20.fevereiro.2009

the beatles: julia [the white album, 1968]
franz ferdinand: katherine kiss me [tonight: franz ferdinand, 2009]
loney, dear: harm/slow [dear john, 2009]
loney, dear: i got lost [dear john, 2009]
peter bjorn and john: favour of the season [seaside rock, 2008]

intercâmbio: diane cluck

sylvania [countless times, 2005]
easy to be around [oh vanille/ova nil, 2003]
1/2 a million miles from home [oh vanille/ova nil, 2003]

sibylle baier: softly [colour green, 2006]
scout niblett: black hearted queen [this fool can die now, 2007]
wildbirds & peacedrums: we hold each other song [heartcore, 2007]
david thomas broughton: so much sin to forgive [it's in there somewhere, 2007]


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