16 November 2008

inter rail: 14.novembro.2008

björk: my juvenile (feat. antony) [volta, 2007]
antony and the johnsons: another world [another world ep, 2008]
pj harvey: before departure [white chalk, 2007]
the cinematic orchestra: musicbox (feat. patrick watson & lou rhodes) [ma fleur, 2007]

intercâmbio: bon iver

skinny love [for emma, forever ago, 2007; reed. 2008]
re: stacks [for emma, forever ago, 2007; reed. 2008]

fionn regan: snowy atlas mountains [the end of history, 2006]
folke: hey little bunny [folke, 2008]
girls in hawaii: plan your escape [plan your escape, 2008]
kim hiorthøy: same old shit [my last day, 2007]
kim hiorthøy: i'm this i'm that [my last day, 2007]
gorillaz: stop the dams [g-sides, 2007]


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