09 November 2008

inter rail: 7.novembro.2008

scout niblett: do you want to be buried with my people? (feat. bonnie "prince" billy) [this fool can die now, 2007]
susanna: jailbreak (feat. bonnie "prince" billy) [flower of evil, 2008]
el perro del mar: inner island [from the valley to the stars, 2008]
mógil: litla prump [ró, 2008]

intercâmbio: peter broderick

broken patterns [float, 2008]
below it [home, 2008]

efterklang: frida found a friend [parades, 2007]
the notwist: gone gone gone [the devil, you + me, 2008]
serafina steer: tiger [cheap demo bad science, 2007]
tunng: kings [good arrows, 2007]
sibylle baier: i lost something in the hills [colour green, 2006]
the kills: goodnight bad morning [midnight boom, 2008]


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