17 February 2009

inter rail : 13.fevereiro.2009

regina spektor: love affair [11:11, 2001]
winter family: auschwitz [winter family, 2007]
frida hyvönen: december [silence is wild, 2008]
pj harvey: dear darkness [white chalk, 2007]

intercâmbio: beatbeat whisper

hollow's cove [winter continental, 2008]
up the long tracks [winter continental, 2008]

antony + bryce dessner: i was young when i left home [dark was the night, 2009]
the books feat. josé gonzález: cello song [dark was the night, 2009]
the books: smells like content [lost and safe, 2005]
riceboy sleeps: happiness [dark was the night, 2009]


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